Lebanese Grand Mufti, PM Diab Officially Meet for the First Time

02/12/2020 - 19:36 PM

Jason Boutros


Beirut - Lebanese Grand Mufti Abdul-latif Deryan met with Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Wednesday as the two men officially encountered for the first time since Diab’s designation.

“My visit today is very natural and the Grand Mufti is retaining an overarching role,” Diab stated following the meeting held at Dar Al-Fatwa.

“I discussed with the Grand Mufti the affairs of Muslims, the financial and social circumstances and the need for collaboration to overcome the challenges facing the country,” he added.

For his part, the Grand Mufti stressed that “Diab is the Prime Minister for all of Lebanon,” wishing him success.

Diab's unannounced visit came a day after his Cabinet won the vote of confidence.



Source: Kataeb.org



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