Support The Beirut Times

Support The Beirut Times

Since 1985, the Beirut Times newspaper has served the informational and social press needs unique to the Lebanese and the Arab Americans. It provides a forum by which their voices can be heard with a nationally and internationally expanding circulation. The Beirut Times is an important source of unity to the widely dispersed community.

Our Contributor writers, freelancers, and staff devote hundreds of hours to the production of the newspaper. To build upon our proven track record, we look to the community of businesses, government organizations, and individuals to show their support too. If you believe in the Lebanese and the Arab-American cultural exchange and destruction of negative stereotypes, why not show your support in any of the following ways:

Individual sponsorship levels:

* Diamond Patron, $5000    * Platinum Patron, $3000     * Golden Patron, $2000     * Bronze Patron, $1000     * Supporter Member, $500

a. Donations:

Your Subscription donation may be fully tax deductible as provided by law. Checks, in any amount, are most welcome.

b. Offers in Kind / Event Sponsorship:

  • Do you own a business? Place an advertisement and refer your Family members, associates, and friends to place advertisements also in the newspaper. Your advertisement payment is fully tax-deductible as provided by law.

  • Can you donate prepared food? Host an event? Offer a prize for a raffle? Would you like to sponsor an event? Call us now 1-626-844-7777.

  • Community support is a priceless PR benefit that won't be lost on your customers.

VOLUNTEER - Your time and talent to a cause or community group you are passionate about. Make your community a better place or help others in need. Be a role model for your peers and a mentor to children.
Also needed – volunteers to help with all areas of programming, flyers distribution, and work at events. Give us a call to donate or be a volunteer! Call now 1-626-844-7777.

CONTRIBUTE - Money and/or in-kind donations to worthy organizations or causes. Give generously. Teach others (and your children) the rewards of giving.

COMMUNICATE - Your ideas, Be receptive, respectful, responsive and responsible. Look for common ground and craft solutions, together. Keep an open dialogue with your city, state and federal government officials. Know where they stand on issues of concern.

Become a Supporter Member:

As members, you will be supporting the newspaper to continue to do the following and much more:

  • Bring Independent Writer and Moderator not available to the general Arab American public.

  • Invite Guest Speakers.

  • Organize associated events throughout the year.

  • Organize banquets and events for the community.
    And much much more, there is no end for helping your own community.

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