Another successful Access MBA and Masters tour in Beirut!

11/21/2019 - 20:58 PM

Jason Boutros



Beirut - Lebanon, At the MBA event this past Saturday, close to 150 candidates were able to explore MBA programs at 29 of the world’s best business schools locally and abroad. The candidates had individual and small group meetings with the school representatives and participated in a panel discussion and school presentation.

An amazing 170 candidates were able to take advantage of the Masters event on Sunday, where they met with 12 universities participating online and on-site in order to discuss their plans for studying Masters programs in Finance, Management, Marketing, STEM and more! The candidates were also able to take part in several presentations and an open fair with the participating schools.

If you missed our events this fall and are interested in an MBA or Master’s program, don’t worry – the Access MBA and Masters Tour will be coming back to Beirut next April. For more information, please visit the event registration pages below and stay tuned for updates!

Access MBA Tour in Beirut April 2020

Access Masters Tour in Beirut April 2020





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