Kataeb Party Moves in Europe to Support Lebanese People, Restore Their Free Decision

04/09/2021 - 23:23 PM

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The Kataeb party is heading towards Lebanon's European friends to seek their help in mobilizing support and urging the capitals of their countries to support Lebanon and its people to halt the decline currently prevailing over the country as well as to liberate it from the restrictions that hinder it, not only for its own interest, but also for the interest of the European countries and the world, which will certainly be affected by the repercussions that will result from Lebanon’s total collapse.

Thus, the Kataeb party leader Samy Gemayel has sent a letter to the European People's Party, which is the largest party in terms of representation in the European Parliament, a partner of the Kataeb Party since 2016 and includes several ruling parties in many European countries.

The letter included a detailed explanation of what the situation had become at the political, economic, living and sovereign levels. It also included the call to raise the Lebanese case to the European countries concerned with the Lebanese issue, to support people’s right who live under the shadow of weapons, to determine their own destiny, and to initiate practical steps that lead to the necessary reforms.

The key today is to hold early parliamentary elections that would produce real change and would reflect most of the Lebanese’ desire who have taken to the streets on October 17, 2019 so as to express their rejection of the reality in which they live in.

Based on this letter, an exceptional meeting will be held this afternoon for the foreign committee of the European People's Party to discuss the Lebanese situation.

Gemayel will hold a speech before lawmakers of the European Parliament and political officials in the parties affiliated with the European Party, in which he will explain the reality of the situation and answer their questions.







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