Gemayel: The Logic of Non-State of Hezbollah Will Create a Reaction That Could Drag Lebanon Into Suicide

10/09/2020 - 18:18 PM

Neiman Marcus




Beirut - Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel called for producing an inclusive political framework that would help confront the system that is controlling Lebanon, affirming that the country with its current status quo is no longer viable.

“Only a newly elected Parliament is able to decide the country’s future,” Gemayel told Al-Hurra channel.

“The logic of non-state of Hezbollah, which seeks to impose its opinion on others, will create a reaction that could take Lebanon towards suicide,” he said.

“The current authority has proved its inability to build a better country and that Hezbollah is the one controlling the State’s constitutional institutions,” he added.

“The system covers Hezbollah’s weapons which in return cover the corruption and quotas,” he pointed out.

Gemayel called for an independent State of law that would include new competencies and faces, and that will be managed by a new concept and approach in the political work.

"We need a new people who have the will to build a new country different from the one we used to live in,” he said.

“No revolution lasts for years,” he added.

“The revolution is a reaction that is limited in time and may last for a month or two but not for a year,” the Kataeb leader noted, affirming that the October 17 revolution has produced a different public opinion that wants to hold accountable and seeks change.

Gemayel voiced regret for the rejections of holding early parliamentary elections, saying that all the amplifications claiming that the elections will restore the same old political class are false.

"There is a conviction among the system that it will lose even under the current law,” he said, stressing that the law does not change people.

“If there is a wave of change among people, then no law can stand in the way of this wave,” he added.

“We have to trust people and that they will make the right choice in the ballot boxes as there is a new generation that will prove that change is a reality and not an illusion,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader stressed that they will ally with all groups and public opinion with whom they agree on the basic titles that lie in the country's best interests, saying that changing the system and holding accountable those who brought the country into this stage are the first to ally with.

"Raising the slogan of sovereignty and rejecting any weapon outside the framework of the State is one the main issues we call for," he said.

Gemayel deemed the Beirut Port explosion as a shock that has affected everyone whether physically or emotionally, saying that this incident has pushed the Lebanese to be more aggressive in face of this political authority and for us to resign from the Parliament.

“Until now, we haven’t reached any investigation regarding the blast,” he said, blaming officials for their negligence and failure in handling this issue.








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