Who stands behind new wave of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

10/02/2020 - 18:18 PM

Jason Boutros



By Adel Karim


An active phase of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan lasted for several days because of disputed territories of Karabakh. The Azerbaijani and Turkish mass media and social networks persistently report about successful actions of the Azerbaijani army and enormous losses among Armenian forces.

However in fact the situation is different - the army of Azerbaijan has lost about 200 people since the start of operation, more than 350 were wounded, over 70 vehicles were destroyed, including tanks, MLRS, helicopters and UAVs.

Despite the ostentatious courage and significant military support from Turkey, Azerbaijani army faces persistent resistance of armed defense units of Karabakh consisting mainly of militia units. Even Syrian mercenaries transported by Turkish Air Force in a conflict zone are unable to achieve any advantage. The failure was due to the lack of readiness and inability of the regular army of Azerbaijan to resist the popular defensive movement that protects its lands from external aggression. In addition, the morale of the rebels far exceeds the motivation of the Azeris who participate in this risky undertaking. Realizing senseless nature of war and violence, number of the Azerbaijani military leaders refuse to carry out orders of the High Command.

It's noteworthy that from the very beginning of the operation Turkish journalists were on a front line and covered news in a favorable light. Preparations for the attack were hidden from the international community, and movements of military convoys were masked by maneuvers.

It conveys the suggestion that this conflict has been well planned in advance and operated by using Baku. Highly likely it is possible to suppose that Aliyev was given the green light to launch military operation directly from Ankara.




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