Diab Announces Partial Reopening of Country from Monday

05/17/2020 - 17:13 PM

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Beirut - Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Sunday announced that the government has decided to “partially reopen” the country as of Monday while urging citizens to abide by safety and social distancing rules in the wake of the latest uptick in coronavirus infections.

“We will reopen the country anew tomorrow according to the transitional plan and this will require bigger commitment from us while areas and neighborhoods that record more infections will be quarantined,” Diab said in an address to the nation.

Warning that some are “gambling with their lives and with people's lives,” the premier urged “stricter measures” as to the repatriated Lebanese ex-pats.

Explaining the reopening decision, Diab said: “We are going through a dangerous and delicate period and we understand that the country's continued closure will lead to repercussions which we are trying to alleviate.”

“Commitment will certainly result in triumph over the virus and the country's reopening plan will continue into the next phase, or else we will suffer irreversible regret,” the prime minister added.





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