Diab- Riots attempts to put people against Lebanese Army

04/29/2020 - 18:48 PM

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Beirut - Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s word at the beginning of the Cabinet session:

Before resuming our discussion regarding the financial reform plan, we cannot but talk about what happened on the streets.

The people's revolt against corruption and the corrupt persons who brought the country to this collapse is only natural; however, the riots that took place and the attempt to put people against the Lebanese Army are indicators of a malicious plan.

I would like to praise the wisdom and discipline of the Army, the ISF, and the security agencies in this regard, despite the dangerous challenge, and hope that they will always maintain this level of performance, because those people are, after all, our parents and our children.

Undoubtedly, the crisis is complex.

Undoubtedly, social conditions are very difficult.

The government is making a great effort to try and alleviate this crisis, it is distributing financial aid to people. We will carry on with this distribution for several months to families in need in all regions. We will also expand the circle of beneficiaries, especially now that the regulations are in place and the process will be faster and easier in the upcoming stages.

We are aware that this aid is not enough, so we are doing everything we can to lessen the scale of the crisis, and we will, in this framework, adopt more measures soon.

The people’s anger is natural after they have discovered that past policies have led to economic, financial, and social collapse.

It is not surprising to see people on the streets. However, it is strange to witness that certain people are trying to incite and take advantage of the popular movements, and therefore burn the country.

What is happening is not innocent. There is a systematic and deliberate destruction of institutions. There are intentions to create a rift between the Army and the people. Some intend on stealing people’s honest anger. Some deliberately burn and destroy streets. Some people are seeking chaos because chaos protects them.

We have full reports of riot inciters, and the security agencies hold the names of all the people who burn businesses and shops and destroy public and private property, and they will be brought to justice.

If the said people carry on with their incitement, we will reveal everything. We are keen at present to address the financial, living, and social crises, but what happens increases the suffering of the citizens. Yet, some wish people would starve more.

I am confident that the Lebanese are aware of everything that is happening, and I wish they would remain patient, and pave the way for us to help those whose work was disrupted.

These are difficult days; today we count most on awareness so that we can overcome this hardship. – Presidency of the Council of Ministers





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