Lebanon Higher Defense Council Approves Lockdown Extension Until April 26

04/10/2020 - 19:52 PM

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Beirut - The Higher Defense Council on Thursday approved the extension of the country’s general mobilization until April 26.

During a meeting held in Baabda Palace, the Higher Defense Council addressed the latest developments and procedures adopted in the country to fight the coronavirus pandemic, saying that some of the measures imposed by the decrees in the implementation of the general mobilization plans will be increased following the statistics received from the Health Ministry.

For his part, Health Minister Hamad Hassan stressed the need to stay home and avoid gatherings, saying that there will be no toleration in measures because Lebanon is still in "the eye of the storm."

The meeting was chaired by President Michel Aoun, attended by Prime Minister Hassan Diab and many other security officials.




Source: Kataeb.org



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