Lebanon appoints DF King to assist in identifying Eurobond holders

03/29/2020 - 19:05 PM

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BEIRUT: Lebanon has appointed DF King Limited, an Orient Capital Company, to help identify holders of the country's Eurobonds as it works out a broad debt restructuring, a finance ministry statement said Friday.

Mired in a crippling financial crisis, Lebanon said this month that it was suspending payment on its foreign debt obligations and would enter into negotiations with creditors as part of a debt restructuring.

Lebanon does not know the identity of many of the holders of its roughly $31 billion in Eurobonds.

It is asking that "beneficial owners or investment managers" identify themselves by April 17 via their custodian banks or a website set up by DF King in order to "facilitate effective communication," the statement said.


Economy minister Raoul Nehme said this month that Lebanon is waiting to see whether creditors will negotiate or take the country to court.

Lebanon's finance ministry is set to hold an investor presentation Friday to outline its economic rescue plan and debt restructuring strategy to Eurobond holders.

A severe hard currency shortage has hit its ability to import even basic essentials, with banks imposing tight capital controls to preserve scarce dollars.

The default marks a new phase in a crisis that has seen the Lebanese pound lose more than 40% of its value since October, while hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost and scores of businesses shut.





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