Munich’s Top Address Awaits Arab Travellers!

07/04/2019 - 17:45 PM

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By: Lucy Habib

Munich - On the wishes of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, Bayerischer Hof opens its doors on 15th October 1841 as a Grand Hotel for the King’s guests while visiting the Bavarian capital. Since that period till our present day the hotel remains a destination for affluent guests and celebrities due to its exclusive services, prime location in the historic center of Munich which makes it a stone’s throw from the city’s fashionable shopping district and its many sights and attractions.

Every year for 3 days in February, Bayerischer Hof which is one of the city’s most legendary hotels becomes the ‘’talk of the town’’ thanks to the Munich Security Conference which is held at this historic hotel where more than 450 high-profile and senior decision-makers as well as thought-leaders including heads of state, ministers, lead prominent figures from around the world would assemble under one roof during that annual event; some of them will choose the hotel as their place-to-stay for that specific time.

The minute you set foot in the hotel, you will be struck by the sense that this is a luxury establishment with a personal touch. Hence, no wonder why this feeling engulfs every guest as it has been owned by the Volkhardt family since 1897.

Today, Ms. Innegrit Volkhardt who has been in charge of the hotel since 1992 is the heart and soul of this historic property. She is the fourth generation of the Volkhardt family who has been successfully running Bayerischer Hof since more than 120 years.

Ms. Volkhardt is very ambitious and at the same time very enthusiastic about giving her precious treasure a modern face. She sat up a modernization plan to include refurbishment and renovation work of the hotel and the volume of the investments reached €150 million.

The first phase of that plan started back in 2005 where an extra story was built onto the hotel by the French designer Andrée Putman who also left her marks on the Blue Spa above the Munich skyline.

The sliding glass roof is the hotel’s touch of elegance and style, enabling guests to enjoy a bath and relax near the pool during every season. In 2009 the renowned interior designer Axel Vervoordt takes over a hotel project and designs restaurants Garden and Atelier. Luckily, Atelier was awarded a Michelin star and 17 Gault-Millau points in the first year of its opening.

When, 2011 arrives the hotel was about to open its very own cinema with 38 seats. Then, another renovation project in 2013 which spreads to the roof top garden and the hotel lounge.

One of the biggest projects which was carried out by Ms Volkhardt was finished in early 2018 after 17 months of construction the new south and north wing on the eighth floor. That project crowned Bayerischer Hof with a total of 29 new rooms including the ‘’Penthouse Garden Suite’’ with a size of 350 m² it represents the highlight of the new part of the building.

The terrace spanning three sides, is planted with greenery and equipped with elegant furniture where guests can enjoy the breathtaking view over Munich. The suite features a discreet and understated design in light natural and earthy tones. This was done to underline the suite’s sense of space and overall feel, to create an area of tranquility and comfort for the guest who can also request a private driver and butler at any time for a surcharge. This is Bayerischer Hof which disposes 337 rooms including 74 suites individually and luxuriously decorated in different styles and designed by famous architects. This is your home away from home, any future address for your anticipated visit to Munich!



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