A Book Review / Alive, by Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

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09/03/2018 - 18:03 PM

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A Book Review /

Alive, by Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

Is a masterpiece Encyclopedia signed by Gibran’s words?

Miss Joumana Bou Fakhreddine has devoted three years of research to achieve this dream with the partnership of Gibran National Committee and the Dar Mouelf.


Joumana has created a sequence of thoughts tracking the biography of Gibran with the help of scholars and Gibran lovers to find new information and forecast them in power of truth and beauty.

Indeed a massive Encyclopedia that which tells the life of Gibran like never before and reveal the sketches of almost every painting and how this sketch was developed to reach masterpiece.

It is the book for life, a journey of the Prophet who was loved and is loved and will be always loved.

Joumana's work was honored by many on top of them the Lebanese President, United Nations, American Ambassador in Beirut.

Book description;

They are two books within a handmade box covering 1,200 pages with 19 chapters covering a journey for art.

Joumana even did postcards/ bookmark that is tailor-made to reveal the stunning value of beauty and how the reader must be special.

She evoked Gibran’s beauty in every way as if to you live making a flash of history fun and full of visuals to forecast the feeling of that days as the landscape of Bsharri provided by the historian. Dr. Geagea

•         A life full of secrets to be told for the first time. First time published documents even his personal postcard for Baalbek and his photo on the bike within the street of America/Boston

•         Even she covered his historical check for Morgan bank associated by his famous slogan about money.

She has made all of Gibran’s quotes in red and made the font large to enjoy the reading with no fatigue.

Joumana noted this book via her introduction that it is each reader’s vision to decide on the facts of Gibran. Asking to stop saying false information for Gibran and he is a believer in God and his humanity is beyond speech.

Joumana spotlighted the variable visions of Gibran along with the fact that her introduction and conclusion forecasts her experience in her search and the findings. Yet she focused on Gibran’s words as a genius voice to be a truth stamp in history covering genius in the power of their voices.


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A life of a Genius who inspired the world by the word of life power of love to humanity. The power to live after death in mind and hearts of many different generations worldwide.

Why Alive its title due to Gibran famous slogan 

“I am Alive like you standing beside you. Close your eyes and look around you will see me in front of you"

Why this Encyclopedia? 

Simply because as Gibran says" Art is my plan of life."

For every page for each chapter first page is crowned by painting and ending chapter by a painting

She dedicated her book to her mother since she shares the same experience as if Gibran her mother is the light in her heart and she has a noble friend who supported her as Gibran had precious friend Mary Haskel Joumana dedicates it to her friend Michel Hayek

In her introduction, she states clearly the power and value of truth that made her determined to achieve her dream with all the tears and smiles.

  • She highlights the power and beauty of history via religions/civilizations and how Gibran is belonging to his country made him stand out.

Joumana proved via documentation that Gibran is a believer in God.

She covered even his imminence Patriarch Raai and how he cleared out a major conflict between Gibran and religious figures.

Along the fact, Joumana has proved that Gibran has read the religious book of Druze via the slogan of Gibran's similarities with Druze religious book Al Hekma and his common ground with Bhaaii’s 

Along with being a Christian with a huge love for Jesus.

Joumana tried to rout to shape to follow the steps of the great richness of Gibran's mind. Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

As she says, time to cover Gibran in, his own way his words his thoughts indeed visual history.

We documented 220 books extracting Gibran’s quotations so that to tell the story of a genius who inspired the world with an icon of love.

As he once said” Love among the spirits is like a wine in a cup. It appears like water, but in truth is life. 

This book is done like never before the author gave up everything to achieve this masterpiece with the 200 volunteers who are the elitist artists/scholars who worked heart and mind with no limits as passion to revive history and to empower art with beauty of Gibran’s town Bsharri by the great artist work Mr. Rudy Rahme who has devoted his artwork for Gibran Khalil Gibran, the great photographer Mr. Ziad Rahme whose photography is a journey of love and beauty.

With the outstanding cover of artist/architect Mr. Nagi Abdul Latif, whose painting is the glory of beauty full of motion?

The American University of Beirut is the main evoker of archives to speak about a legend via three paintings for Gibran Khalil Gibran and it owns the historical Syrian world magazine that is full of magnificent writings of Gibran

Dr. Hassan Diab, Miss Carla Chalhoub, and Mrs. Rania Kanj were the power to support to seek and achieve the quest of unknown to foretell the real story of Gibran’s beauty.

Even calligraphy of Miss Rola Dlaykan is a mingling of a culture standing high for Genius loved.

The graphics represented by his own signatures of Gibran to create the value of an author who has become an icon named by his famous book The Prophet.

Each chapter is explained by a slogan of Gibran to put the reader on the mood / of Gibran is thinking approach

We have covered more than 200 paintings unpublished 

The format of coverage was never done before as power of using original manuscripts with the quotes of Gibran to narrate his story.

A story of love, a story of pain, and achievements 

Since his vision as he says about art, “True art should be practical by revealing its beauty to people.

We have shown the beauty of a single thought of Gibran and the stages of development in every sketch/word/ inspirations/and the stunning energy that is still alive.

We shed light on Gibran’s will to explore, learn and inspire.

For the first time in this book, you know who inspire Gibran as Western/Eastern generation/ Who Gibran has inspired among them President John F Kennedy, Einstien, Steven Hawking, Gandhi, John Lennon, and many others.

You will explore his deep thoughts and love for Imam Ali, Arab old poets.

Along with the fact, his sense of humor, Love for white wine, his best trees, food, and best color.

This book Alive sees Gibran a happy man who knew his path to be the genius as his mother said you will reach when your 33.

Is it a prophecy? Or fate?

You will know how much New York was in his heart the most path in his life becoming the legacy.

How much he loved Italy and claimed too many times he is Italian once his father used to shout at him.

His love for London and Shakespeare.

We covered every piece of press clipping you can ever find from numerous American magazines Such as Seven Arts Magazine 1917.

We covered songs that Gibran translated to English the folk Lebanese songs and the songs sung for Gibran that are too many. 

Mr. Francesco Medici Italian Scholar worked with us for three years to explore new calibers Gibran drawn them. However, not sure who are these calibers.

The coverage is so massive/pointing out a unique character and power to give beyond death. 

As he once said” a great singer is he who sings in our silence.

Since his mission in life is as he once said” I want to be Alive to all the life in me now, to know each moment to the utmost. I do not want to just a painter of pictures or writer of poems I want to be more.

Gibran’s life is the love for his mother who once said, “Mother is a smile of God.


He has drawn great American figures and many are first time published recalling the quotes of the calibers themselves /or Gibran’s words upon the availability.

Example” Gibran’s words about Ruth S Denise while dancing

“Ruth St. Denis danced for me yesterday afternoon.

Alive forecasts the live experience via history.

As Gibran once said, “To live is the greatest of all arts.”

Gibran’s life is a blossom of humanity shinning for life

The author created a scheme of dissection of Gibran’s visions in life that are best projected by the Lebanese author Wahib Kayrouz who knew how to grasp his visionaries in producing best books ever written about Gibran that the author covers in a great precision and to give reader options to know Gibran via best authors.

As the author says in her introduction, the value of Gibran is to understand Gibran’s pain to understand the beauty.

Joumana in her chapters she spotted numerous unknown issues such as Gibran broke his hand when he was a child. The diaries of France with Houwiek.

Winning an award in France.

First time published his funeral photos in Lebanon.

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Her conclusion is done by the great inspiration of Profile in courage words by John F Kennedy. Since the moral seek is the power of both Gibran and Kennedy

Stating her opinion about Gibran via the words of the scholar Kamal Joumblat.

Moreover, making a special focus on the 200 calibers who worked with her volunteering worldwide to express her gratitude and her experience with Gibran’s slogan.

And putting a profile for every volunteer who made her dream alive by working with all the beauty for crowning Gibran’s literary work

Last pages of the book Joumana put collage photos of American unknown figures unknown that Gibran has drawn

Stating the quest continues to know who are they.

Since Gibran’s National Committee, the collection is huge with massive variety and mystery.

Last pages represent World map for Gibran’s memorials around the world with a school named by Gibran’s name

You can find the Encyclopedia in Lebanon or contact the author.






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