Happy Birthday, King of Love Realm!

06/14/2018 - 19:58 PM



This poem was writed by Dr. Adnan Sadduk, On the Occasion of Dr. Ali ( Ala ) Sadduk's 45th Birthday

This is a brand new day! 

It is a very special day!

It is May 25!

On which Ala was born

Pretty early in the morn

Let us sing therefore and adorn

All the walls of the house

With rainbows, and have a fouse!

At night, all night long!

We will not the lights douse!


Let us dance folks with glee and joy!

In addition, celebrate the Big Event of our Roy!

Adnan Sadduk's, the Senior Boy!


Come on fair maidens and gallant swains!

Enjoy the fun, singles, and twins!

Under the moonlight, before it rains!


Hoy! Look! Ala and Lisa are at their best!

Kissing each other, like two birds in their nest!

And whispering amorous words, away from the rest

Of the revelers, who are spying on their moves? 

In addition, want to know more about the art of smooching they use

In addition, what genre of music they will choose! 


Keep dancing male and female attendees

In addition, please! Toast without concerns, without fears!

Your romantic affairs and share them with your peers!


This is the Birthday of our beloved Ala!

Let us shout and say to him: Aloha! Hola!

The Lord God bless you, Coca-Cola!

For you! No liquor! No Marijuana!

However, a glass of red wine, to the health of Juana!

And her bridegroom William, whose birthday

Is also today in Tijuana!


Rejoice all of you, dear San Diegans and Hawaiians!

In addition, let us thank our adept chefs, the Italians,

Who are our friends, not UFO Aliens!


Let the drummer beat his drum!

In addition, the guitarist his guitar strum!

Stay away from stress, let not our life be humdrum!


These are happy hours, hours of gladness!

Let the world with its evils, fights, and madness

Turn not our lives into hardships and sadness!


Let us make up a chorus and together sing

A birthday cheerful song, and bring

For Ala and Lisa, a golden watch and a diamond ring!


Let us bid them farewell and accompany them,

To their Rose Garden with a hymn: 

Happy Birthday Ala, King of Love Realm!

* The poem was recited on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, on 03 June 2018 (Sunday night) at Duke's Restaurant in the presence of Dr. Ali (Ala) his spouse Lisa, and his WW2 veteran mother - in - law Major Mary Lemmon.

* Aloha: a word in the Hawaiian language that has numerous meanings both as a single word and when used in context with other words, but the most common uses are as a greeting, farewell, or a salutation.

Aloha is also commonly used to mean love and can be used to express compassion, regret, or sympathy.

Hola: used especially among Latin Americans to attract attention or to shout encouragement or exultation.

Marijuana: leaves, seeds, stems and/or roots consumed by marijuana users for feeling intoxicated.

Tijuana : ( /ti:'hwa:na/ tee-WHAH-na; Spanish: [ti'xwana] is the largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California and on the Baja California Peninsula, located at the center of the Tijuana and the international San Diego - Tijuana metropolitan areas.

UFO Aliens: an unidentified flying object or "UFO" is an object observed in the sky that is not readily identified as conventional objects or phenomena. The term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial craft.





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