Became Born - Again

01/25/2018 - 19:27 PM

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The Bevin's Family and the Town - Which Became Born - Again


By Adnan S. Sadduk

I have a friend

Nay! A brother - in - Christ!

He's married with children,

Adorable children!

Isaac and Stephen,

And their cute sisters,

Sarah and Dylan


The father, whose name is Denver

And the mother, Caren

Are always the talk of the town!

The pastor of the church,

Along with the congregation members

Hold them dear and never stop

Praising them far and wide!

For their touched by God! 

And in them dwells the Holy Ghost!


“Denver! Denver! Would you please?

 Come to my house,

 And lay your hand

 On my dying daughter,

 Who's now wriggling on death - bed?"

 Pleaded the vicar of the neighboring church,

 While a throng of worshippers standing by,

 Waiting to touch the fringe of Caren's gown!


A poor, old woman wearing rag,

Shouted in the crowd,

“Caren, Caren!

 Thou blessed handmaid of the Lord!

 Behold my son, my only son!

 He's been in pain, acute pain!

 For thirteen years in a row!

 Stricken with a chronic migraine!"


 Touched by the tears of those around,

 Pleading for mercy,

 For their ailing beloved ones,

 Denver and Caren prayed the Lord's Prayer,

 And in Jesus Name healed the sick,

 And rid them of all their infirmities!


Then ' Hallelujah ' rang in the air!

And the church bells were ringing

And in chorus the whole town 

Burst out in doxology;

“Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

 Whose mercies surpass every description!

 And whose exceeding love covers the earth!

 And fills it with joy and mirth!

 For humans to rejoice and celebrate!


 Isaac, the firstborn son of Denver and Caren,

 Was heard singing,

 ”Father! Our Holy Father!

 Anoint me with my brother

 Stephen and Dylan, my sister

 With your Heavenly Oil

 As you anointed father and mother

 So that we preach the Gospel!

 To foreign lands and remote nations

 That are still living in darkness,

 Enslaved by sin and fiendish notions!


All of a sudden, 

Thunder roared,

Roared like a lion,

Echoing a voice,

Heralding the imminent coming

Of the Son of Man

Upon the clouds of heaven

Descending with countless 

Seraphim and cherubim

Upon Jerusalem!


That day was a day to remember

For the townsfolk 

And the Pentecostal church faithful

‘Cause the Bevins worked miracles

Through the Word of God, Jesus!


But above all, the townies went home

With a new dawn of revelation,

For they became Born - Again!




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