Rights Group: Torture Continues In Tunisian Prisons

11/16/2016 - 19:52 PM

Jason Boutros

The Higher Committee for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Tunisia said it has received complaints of torture and violation of human rights in prisons and detention centres.

“Some prisoners have complained to the committee about being subjected to abuse and violation of their rights including torture in some cases,” a member of the committee, Salima Ben Kader, told a press conference in Tunis.

Ben Kader said members of the committee have organised surprised visits to Tunisian prisons to investigate the problems faced by prisoners. According to her, one of the main problems is overcrowding while thousands of detainees are locked up awaiting trial.

Tunisian Minister of Justice Ghazi Al-Juraibi told a parliament hearing earlier this week that there are some 22,000 prisoners held by the authorities.

In May, the Tunisian former Justice Minister Omar Mansour denied the existence of systematic torture practices in prisons.

Meanwhile, the annual report of the Tunisian organization Against Torture revealed last year that 90 pe rcent of those who have been held in police stations in 2015 were subjected to torture and ill-treatment, calling on the judiciary to assume its responsibilities and to ensure those who are guilty of torture are held responsible.

According to the report 65 per cent of torture practices were conducted by the police while 72 per cent were young people.



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