Jordan Arrests Man For Insulting Saudi Tourist

09/20/2015 - 00:44 AM

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JEDDAH: Jordanian police have arrested a Jordanian man for verbally abusing a Saudi woman and her country. The Saudi Embassy in Amman said the man had a police record and that the embassy would ask for the heaviest penalties against him.
The man was arrested after a videoclip showed clearly what happened. The clip was made by the Saudi woman when she was in Amman with her driver. The clip shows a man verbally abusing her after he put his head into the woman’s vehicle.
He abused the woman and her country with full knowledge that his actions were being recorded by the woman’s mobile phone. She also photographed his vehicle. 
Social media users were angered when they saw the video which was posted online. They began tweeting against the man. They did point out, however, that what one man did cannot be generalized to include all Jordanians who have a warm regard for Saudis.
In Amman a security source confirmed the arrest of the man who appeared in the video which seemed to show he was driving a taxi.
“We have been told that the attacker has been arrested by the police and that he is a man with a previous record,” the Saudi ambassador in Amman, Sami Al-Saleh, said. “We are asking for stiff penalties for him.”



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