One of Those Nights in the ER

04/27/2022 - 03:10 AM

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I received this interesting testimonial, which I wanted to share with you regarding a common laceration my colleague, Dr. Maher Arafa, treated in his Emergency Room (ER) with the Wound Zipper (

The Wound Zipper is a painless dressing that does not need to be changed every other day and it provides perfect healing in just 5 days without the need for stitches or anesthetic products! This is not science fiction….

Please keep reading to find out why I am so excited to talk about this product.

Dr. Maher Arafa's testimonial:

"During a regular busy work shift, I was called by the nurse, who informed me four patients with laceration wounds located at different body sites required stitches. I responded and asked the nurse to prepare the usual technical platform consisting of several instruments, stitching materials, and anesthetic products. One of the patients pictured below was a 45-year-old male who fell in the shower and sustained a 3 cm laceration to the back of his scalp. (Picture A). He was a very anxious patient because he was afraid of stitches would cause additional hurt and pain. I knew time was of the essence because I had three more patients waiting with laceration wounds and I remembered I had samples of WoundZipper.

I was told it was a product that had two sticky strips with a magnet and promised to repair lacerations in seconds without pain.

I decided to give it a try on all four patients, first irrigating the wound and then applying the WoundZipper. (Picture B). I was able to treat all four patients in a matter of 10 minutes, and they all left the ER very happy because they did not need painful stitches or the burning anesthetic. They all returned 5 days later, and I easily removed the WoundZipper. (Picture C).

The patients were all thrilled with the results."

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