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Jordan - The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the USAID mission to Jordan on Tuesday signed three development aid agreements at a total value of $340.3 million as part of the US economic assistance to Jordan for the 2019 fiscal year.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Wissam Rabadi and USAID Jordan Mission Director Jim Barnhart signed the three agreements in the presence of US Charge d'Affaires Karen Sasahara, a statement from the ministry said.
According to the statement, one of the three agreements, with a value of $263.8 million, seeks to develop the quality of the social sector through several projects and programmes related to health, education, water, women and youth, as well as social gender policies implemented directly by USAID.
The second agreement, valued at $43.5 million, aims at enhancing democratic accountability and entails executing several projects and programmes directly by USAID regarding the rule of law, governance and civil society.
The third agreement is valued at some $33 million and seeks to support economic development through USAID’s direct implementation of projects and programmes for enhancing economic growth, trade and investment, private sector competitiveness and economic opportunities, the statement said.
Rabadi expressed Jordan’s appreciation for the US government’s “continuous support” to the Kingdom, which has “contributed to realising national development goals”.
Sasahara, for her part, said that the US and Jordan have a “deep and fruitful partnership” that continues even in the face of the unprecedented challenges that both countries are now facing.
“The American people remain committed to assisting Jordan with both its immediate needs and with advancing the Government of Jordan’s vision for the long-term stability and prosperity of the country,” Sasahara said in a statement from USAID.
Following these agreements, the total aid assistance that the US, excluding the military, has offered to Jordan for the 2019 fiscal year stands at $1.08 billion, according to the ministry statement.
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