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Acceptance: The BeirutTimes Website accepts GIF, JPEG and PNG banner images.

Specifications: The following is a list of dimensions and file sizes currently accepted.:

Banners Rate placed on BeirutTimes.com's Home Page:

AD Type

Banner Size

1 Week

1 Month


130 x 85




100 x 60




234 x 60




5 x 1.50"




Front Page

5 x 1.50"



Others *

Contact us

Contact us

Contact us

Banners on BeirutTimes.com

  • Vertical Banner
    Dimensions: 130 x 85
    File Size: 10 kb
    Position: In left column on section story or other pages
  • Half Banner
    Dimensions: 234 x 60 
    File Size: 10 kb
    Position: Above the fold, to the right of top story on home page.
  • Full Banner
    Dimensions: 5 x 1.50 " 
    File Size: 15 Kb Maximum
    Position: Top of page on home or another page; under header on main and story pages
  • Other Banner
    Other banners could be considered upon review by the Clearance Department.
    Send us e-mail regarding the banner you have, to 4beirut@gmail.com
  • We Can Design your Banners As Well - Check Out Our Banners Page

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