Giant Public Artwork of Amazigh Woman’s Face Destroyed

05/09/2019 - 11:27 AM

Kordab Law



By Margot Eliason

Rabat – Street artist Othman Omba painted a giant public artwork of an Amazigh woman’s face on a wall in Souk Larbaa in northern Morocco. The painting was destroyed in less than 24 hours.

The painting was deliberately vandalized. The woman’s face was completely painted over with dark red paint.

A picture showing the vandalism was widely shared on social media, and caused anger.

Who the vandal is and why they did it is unclear.

One social media user suggested the vandal is a muslim “hardliner.”

Some Muslims believe the depiction of human beings in art is prohibited by religion.

A social media user warned the artist about this. “Brother, I advise you not to draw the creations of God, like human being and animals” he said. “This is what the scholars say and I hope you will accept my advice.”

Another user suggested the artist had vandalised the work himself to attract attention.

“Perhaps it’s a personal plan to sacrifice a painting for the sake of fame and publicity.”

For some, the vandalism, inadvertently or not, brought even more meaning to the artwork.

“The work hasn’t lost value, but the vandalism has added several meanings. Well done to the artist.”

Moroccan television channel 2M interviewed the artist who stated he was “appalled by the act of vandalism.”

“It isn’t the first time someone has destroyed my art. Despite this act, I will continue to paint murals,” Omba said.




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