Century War between American and Chinese Economic Giants

10/23/2018 - 17:51 PM

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American and Chinese relations


By: Mohamad Zreik*

Since his candidacy for the US presidency, President Donald Trump has launched a program that includes many measures that no former US president dared to take. Trump's agenda is considered unusual, especially in the policy towards the Middle East and East Asia. In the Middle East, Trump abolished the concept of the two-state solution, and gave Israel all the right through transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem, thus radically changing the American approach to Arab issues, Trump's policy was also unusual in dealing with Arab monarchies in the Gulf states. But the most prominent event was Trump's war against China, which was called the "trade war".

The US President Donald Trump comes from an economic background: he is an economist and a wealthy US man, not a former military man or a politician, and this can explain why Trump is pursuing this policy that depends on restoring glory to the United States and economic prosperity, but what we do not know is that Trump's decisions often come in random and have negative consequences, and his constant change of governance members is evidence of dissatisfaction or decisions that must be reversed.

Trump's unusual decision to raise taxes on goods imported from China reveals that China is in its way to become a superpower and has become a nuisance to the United States. Second, the United States must re-energize its economy to catch up with the Chinese economy. But the idea of ​​a strong American economy without China seems very crazy, because the American economy depends on China, whether it is in goods entering US markets or goods manufactured in China for American companies and factories.

Thus, can the American people adapt to expensive American goods? Who will pay? How is the new economic policy going to deal with high-paying American workers compared to the Chinese and how will it provide enough income for the American people to survive without Chinese products?

I am certain that this new war will only bring ruin, not only to the belligerents but to the whole world, because the economies of the countries are directly or indirectly tied to the Chinese and American economies. The United States is the world's bourse and the dollar is the familiar currency. China is the factory of the world and the vast economic center. When talking about an economic war between currency and factory, the result will be catastrophic.

President Trump's policy will not weaken China economically, because China is a great economic power and doesn’t dependent only on the United States in its trade. The United States will lose much because it is China's first economic partner and the US and Chinese economies are intertwined. Many American products are deliberately dependent on Chinese resources. Most importantly, Europe, the first ally of the United States, is not satisfied with this decision because it is going to bring negative repercussions to the United States and the entire world.

It is therefore necessary for the joint friends between the United States and China to work on mediation between the two parties to end this dispute and restore economic relations to normal, because there are no winners in this war.

* Mohamad Zreik is a PhD candidate at Central China Normal University, his research focuses on the One Belt One Road initiative and the Chinese presence in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon. He has two published research papers and dozens of articles published on cultural, political and social issues. Mohamad is interested in foreign policies towards the Middle East, especially the American and Chinese policies.




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