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Media Impact

For three decades and more, The Beirut Times has maintained a high standard of journalistic integrity that has been recognized with numerous awards of distinction.

The Beirut Times empowers domestic and international businesses to boost their revenues through networking and information exchanges. Influential businesses that impact the world economy know they can always depend on the Beirut Times for accurate coverage of important transactions and issues.

Through the recent perilous times, the Arab American community has relied on the Beirut Times to promote peace through communication.

The Beirut Times has played a crucial role in sustaining the quality of everyday life for the peaceful working class of the Lebanese and Arab Americans so that they may continue to serve as good citizens without the burden of discrimination.

For meritorious public service in business, social, and political journalism, the Beirut Times has been officially honored by the County and the City of Los Angeles its place of publication. and many other cities and organizations.