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Make the Beirut Times Part Of Your Advertising Strategy

The Beirut Times is a weekly bilingual, Arabic and English newspaper that began publishing in 1985. It is the largest and only Lebanese and Arab American weekly community newspaper distributed nationally and internationally, all types of businesses, Arab American and otherwise, rely on The Beirut Times to reach Arabs and Middle Easterners in the United States with their Advertising message needs.

The Beirut Times Reaches Consumers Others Miss
Increases in the number of Arabic-speaking populations in North America have been dramatic during the last decade. This ethnic group has a high level of spending and is a strong potential source of revenue. In The Beirut Times, we have both the resources and the skilled personnel to promote any of your products and services to Arab Americans and other Middle Easterners like Armenians.

Efficient Advertising Staff
The Beirut Times public relations and Advertising department are familiar with the Lebanese and the Arab American community, its cultural habits, consumer behavior and other factors relevant to effective advertising and promotions.

The publication has a professional team of writers and graphic artists always ready to provide attractive Ad layouts, customized artwork, as well as Ad Concepts, Translation and Typesetting in Arabic and English languages.

Our customers expect the best. That's why they Advertise in The Beirut Times Newspaper, the Lebanese and Arab Americans best sources for news and information.

* Advertisement in the Beirut Times Is fast and easy!

* Results And Much More: The Beirut Times Newspaper is used by potential Advertising agencies, Government agencies, Retailers, Buyers & Readers from all over the United States and abroad that use your products and services on a daily basis.

* Your Money's Worth: The Beirut Times has Affordable Advertising Rates that work for you, a full 365 days a year. (See our rate card below).

* Advertise For As Low As $35 and receive a complimentary copy of the Beirut Times. ( Limited Time Offer )

Order the Beirut Times newspaper (Arabic Language) delivered to your address. Absolutely FREE of charge for 4 weeks with No obligations! No questions asked! No credit card needed. ( Limited Time Offer )

The Beirut Times employs experts in such fields as health, medicine, finance and computer technology to design and translate ads into Arabic. Our group excels in making ads comprehensible to non-native speakers and is presented in a context that relates to their needs. Our team also translates foreign documents into and from English or other languages.

Translations & Typesetting: (all languages) to and from Arabic.

Targeted Distribution that includes:
Organizations, Arab Embassies and Consulate General, Arab American Chamber of Commerce, Churches, Mosques, Religious Centers, Businesses, Homes, Clinics, Law Firms, Schools, International Institutions, Students Associations, Library, Colleges and Universities, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Wholesale Distributors, Retailers, Private Homes, Apartments and many many more.

For a nominal fee, the Beirut Times will reprint any article or advertisement with a quotation of your company's name for your current and potential customers. With this service, you can direct your message to your target market.

Insert your company brochure or flyer inside the Beirut Times. Information and rates available upon request.

The Beirut Times Publishing Company can serve your Advertising, Promotion, Printing and Mailing needs for distribution anywhere in the United States. We also provide multi-media advertising through other Publications, RadioTelevision and in the World Wide Web.

Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries and Private Party (Photography and Writing). For information and rates call now +1-626-844-7777 or send us your request to the company e-mail @ [email protected]

Your Money's Worth:
The Beirut Times has affordable advertising rates that work for you, a full 365 days a year. Ask always about the "Special of the month".

Advertising Agency Special's: 10% of gross billings to recognized agencies on display space. For information and rates call now +1-626-844-7777 or send us your request to the company e-mail @ [email protected]

• Page size: 11" x 17 ".
• Column width: 10 1/2 picas. Or 1.75 ".
• The number of columns: 5 (1 1/2 pica or.25" interspaces ).
• High tone material, 85% or 100% line screen used.
• Camera-ready Artwork, Originals or Slicks accepted.
It must be received on Monday prior to the publishing date.





Discount 20%

Discount 25%

(Width x Depth)

1 - 8 *

9 - 16 *

17 - 26 *

A - Back Page*
9.75 " x 16 "




B - Inside Full Page
9.75 " x 15.5 "




C - 9.75 " x 7 "




D - 5 " x 7 "




E - 3.75 " x 6 "




F - 9.75 " x 3 "




G - 5.75 " x 3 "




H - 3.75 " x 4"




I - 3.75 " x 2 "




J - First Page*
3.2 " x 1.5 "




          * First, Middle & Back Page will be in Full Color

* Prices are per issue (Black and White), Custom sizes also available.

COLOR:  Additional 40% for Color. (Color separation and full Color also available).

* Advertising rate card 1 - Open the PDF file and then print the rate card.

* Advertising rate card 2 - Open the PDF file and then print the rate card.

Any merchandise, automotive, employment's, garage sales, real estate ad, rentals, buying and selling anything, etc.

Size is: 1.5 " X 3 ". Accepted online basis. Five words per line, 15 words minimum. Cost: $55 per 5 lines, $5 per each additional line.
Please call or e-mail us for special rates.
Don't you see what you want? Please e-mail us or call us @ 1.626.844.7777 and we will work with you to build a custom package to suit your needs and budget.

We can receive print material in Corel Draw, Adobe In Design, PageMaker, Illustrator and Photoshop formats. PDF files are acceptable only when the ads are complete, sized correctly and require no tagging.
Files sent as tiff, jpeg or eps (raster) must be at least 600 dpi at final size. Files sent as Corel Draw, PageMaker, eps (vector) or Illustrator may contain photos at 200 dpi.
In order to manipulate files (for location tagging, sizing, etc.), we must receive them in the application format in which they were created. Please include the program version, all fonts, and linked graphics. Generic material specs for most black and white newspaper ads.
You can submit your advertisement by E-mail to [email protected]

When designing your ad, keep in mind it will be printed on newsprint, which has a 30% gain in the mid-tone range.
• We require a resolution of 170 dpi for black & white halftones, 200 dpi for color and 800 dpi for bitmap (line art) images.

CD or ZIP (preferred)
Ship CD, Zip, and contract proofs to:
Beirut Times, P. O. Box 40277, Pasadena, CA 91114 - USA
* If you have any questions or comments, please contact your sales representative or the Production department anytime @ 1.626.844.7777.

Payments: ( Pay online ... )
Payment by check, money order or credit card must accompany any order.



When it comes to advertising, promotion and public relations, the Beirut Times is the best value your dollar can buy.


• The Beirut Times management reserves the right to refuse to print any news or advertisement for any reason, and assumes no liability for the content or reply to any advertisement and assumes no financial responsibility for errors or omissions.
We reserve the right to edit, reject or reclassify any news or advertisement.

• Prices are subject to change without notice.

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