Nehme urges food and consumer supply traders not to take advantage of prevailing circumstances

03/16/2020 - 23:34 PM

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Beirut - Economy and Trade Minister Raoul Nehme met Saturday with suppliers, supermarkets and food and consumer shops owners, and asked them to increase their working hours temporarily, while taking precautionary measures, to enable citizens to purchase their needs and mitigate mass gatherings to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Nehme also urged them to “demonstrate national and social responsibility, and not to take advantage of the current exceptional circumstances by raising prices unjustifiably.”

The Minister was, in turn, reassured by suppliers during the meeting that food and consumer items are available abundance and will not be cut off from the market; hence, there is no need for citizens to rush to buy goods more than needed.


==========================R.Sh, - NNA



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