Israel Strikes Palestinian Base on Lebanon-Syria Border

08/28/2019 - 17:19 PM

Jason Boutros




Lebanon's state-run National News Agency says Israeli warplanes have attacked a Palestinian base in the country's east, near the border with Syria early Monday. 

The report says there were three strikes early on Monday, minutes apart, that struck a base for a Syrian-backed group known as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — General Command.

The strikes came a day after two drones, which the Lebanese army and Hezbollah said were Israeli, crashed in the Hezbollah-dominated southern suburbs of Beirut, with one exploding. 

Reuters quotes Lebanon's An-Nahar news, which said that "Three Israeli airstrikes target the Lebanese-Syria border east of Zahle."

"This aggression is a continuation of what happened in Beirut and a provocative attempt that is a direct reaction to Nasarallah's statements," Khaled Jibril, the official in the Palestinian faction told al-Mayadeen TV. 

President Michel Aoun said on Monday that Lebanon had a right to defend itself, likening Israeli drone strikes to a "declaration of war" amid rising tensions between Hezbollah and Israel.

The faction has a military presence in Syria where it has fought alongside Hezbollah and the Syrian army in support of President Bashar al Assad.




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