Aoun: Newly promoted national unity has protected Lebanon, enabled it to confront terrorism

08/08/2017 - 02:48 AM

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NNA - "The national unity that has been strengthened in the recent period has protected Lebanon and enabled it to confront terrorism," said President Michel Aoun, adding that the situation is moving towards reassurance, underlining the role of the Lebanese Diaspora spread throughout the world. 

President Aoun pushed expatriates to keep contacts alive with Lebanon, their motherland. His remarks came during a meeting at the Baabda Palace with a delegation of Lebanese expats residing in different countries of the world. The meeting was attended by the Lebanese ambassador to the United States, Gabi Issa. 

"Lebanon is a small country in terms of geography, but its territory covers the entire world through the presence of its people across the globe, which is a factor of strength for Lebanon," said President Aoun, reminding of his words at the Diaspora Energy Conference held in Beirut a few months ago. 

"We have been able to protect Lebanon from regional problems and to impose stability and security across its territory," he said, referring to the military developments and the battle Lebanon is waging against terrorism on the eastern border. 

"We have succeeded in combating terrorism that has hit and is still targeting different countries of the world," the president said. 

"We have achieved a lot after the presidential elections, the formation of the government and the development of a new electoral law that better promotes justice and equality," he concluded. 

Separately, President Aoun had met with the US ambassador, Elizabeth Richard, accompanied by the new US Charge d' affairs in Beirut, William White, with talks touching on the latest developments in the country. 




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