Syrian President: Arab peoples have advanced level of awareness about what is happening in region

07/31/2017 - 21:54 PM



NNA - Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad received on Monday a delegation from the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), headed by its Assistant Secretary General Bu Ali Mubaraki. 

President al-Assad stressed that this delegation’s visit, just like the visits of all other popular delegations to Syria, is important because it carries many messages to the Syrian people and to the world as it "reflects the pulse of the Arab public opinion and its orientations." 

"One of the most important reasons for what our Arab countries are facing is that we are suffering a conflict of identity and belonging. Regardless of this, the Arab peoples have shown that they have an advanced level of awareness about what is happening in the region, and this should be an additional motive for the unions and popular organizations for further cooperation and action to push the Arab situation forward to the best interest of these peoples as well for dialogue with the popular bases on various issues with the aim of reaching a collective state of unity of concepts." 

On the war in Syria, President al-Assad asserted that the will of the Syrian people and the determination of all their components to continue their daily activities despite the crimes of the terrorist organizations and their supporters, as well as the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, are the most important reasons that have helped in overcoming the difficult stage of this war. 

"Heroism in Syria is no longer an individual case, but it has become a general status," he said. 

In turn, members of the delegation confirmed that they came to Damascus in implementation of the decision taken by the UGTT to convey a message of support to the Syrian people, who have shown matchless resilience and supported their leadership and army that is defending the dignity of the Arab nation.--SANA News Agency 

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