Secure Water and Oil in Arabia

10/05/2015 - 10:28 AM

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Secure Water and Oil in Arabia By Appointing an INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE to Dig Water Wells and Manage Oil Profits IN TRUST for the Benefit of Arabs in War Torn Areas

If Israel and Arabs are fighting over the ownership of land, water and oil refineries, and Israel is trying to gain new territories by declaring war on Arab states, including oil rich Iran, then to stop the mayhem, the civilized world must ensure an INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE is appointed to dig water wells and manage oil profits IN TRUST for the benefit of Arabs in war torn areas. Israel must not be allowed to use war to steal Arab land, water and oil. If its all for greed, that means Israel's arbitrary invasion of Palestine in 1948, and it's current Arab wars are ungodly.


The civilized world must consult with Arabs in a plan to intervene and protect Arabs from being driven out of Arabia by Israel. We must convince Arabs that the civilized world will help Arabia hold Arab water, land and oil resources in trust for Arabs, to assist Arabs to rebuild their lives.

We all know what will happen if Israel gains sole control over Arab land, water and oil refineries in Arabia. Israel will either enslave Arabs and force them to beg for their own water and oil resources, or use threat of violence to drive Arabs out of Arabia in rickety boats, buses and trains into other poor countries' who are not able to provide all the food , clothing and shelter needed to house and care for Arabs fleeing their homeland.


Since 1948, the entire time Israel oppressed and abused Arabs, Israel offered Arabs little or no plan to protect Arab ownership of their own water and oil resources. Why? Could it be Israel intended to declare an arbitrary war against Arabs to allow Israel, under the cover of the mayhem of war, to steal Arab water, oil and land and declare it Israeli territory by violent acquisition? That means Israel's war against Arabs starting with Palestine in 1948, was not for a just or equitable cause, but motivated by greed and intended to enlarge and enrich Israel and enslave Arabs.


If Arabs in worn torn areas are offered an INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE tohold Arab water and oil in trust for Arabs (so Israel can not steal it under the guise of 'war'), then Arabs may feel safe enough to remain in Arabia and stop fleeing to refugee camps or other countries for safe haven.


The civilized world must intervene to stop the mayhem in Arabia by standing in between Israel's war machine and unarmed Arabs. If an INDEPENDENT TRUSTEE is appointed by the civil world to secure Arab water and oil resources, then Israel's war machine can not use unjust and unrestrained violence against Arabs to gain ownership over Arab territories and by this means, acquire Arab water and oil resources for free . .


What do you think?




Tanja Jensen

Vancouver, BC CANADA



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