Names dropped from the list of Arab Zionists

01/25/2024 - 08:44 AM

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By Adel Saouma


Thinkers and sheiks

Years after the October War, Arab nationalist thinkers* coined the term “Zionism in the Arab mind.” The term, according to them, means that everyone who speaks Arabic and believes in the right of the Jews to live in the land of “the children of Israel” implicitly belongs to Zionism, which believes in the same thing.

For example, Dr. Ismat Saif al-Dawla said to the students of Kuwait University in April 1977 about the term above: “Zionism and its allies, after they were militarily defeated on the battlefront in October 1973, opened loopholes in our foreheads and invaded our minds.” He also said: "They shortened the path to final victory. Instead of occupying our land part by part, they began to occupy our heads, idea by idea. Instead of seizing the homeland, they are trying to seize human beings, so that the homeland will be theirs after that without the need for oppression."

As usual for Arab nationalist thinkers, Saif al-Dawla mobilized people with his enthusiastic words and forgot the lie of national unity and Abdel Nasser’s failed experience with Syria, in which colonialism was not involved. He said in the same speech: “They stripped us of our Arab theory, inserted their Zionist theory into our heads, and removed from our idea of Arab nationalism, they replaced it with Jewish nationalism, and when the state of unity was erased from our memory, the state of Israel arose in its place.

Words that do not match reality, as the State of Israel was established before the Arab unity state! Not to mention that Saif al-Dawla ignored the existence of nationalities that speak the Arabic language, and there is no single Arab nationalism that brings together the twenty-two member states of the Arab League, including even those that do not speak Arabic, such as the Comoros and Mauritania.

Jamal Hamdan went further than Ismat Seif al-Dawla, and stated in the same enthusiastic way numbing readers with the semiotic language in his book “The Character of Egypt: A Study in the Genius of the Place,” that “the establishment of Israel and the loss of Palestine is the responsibility of the Arabs, and Arab impotence, cowardice and Arab disunity, which determines the outcome.” The Arab/Israeli conflict is the Arab/Arab conflict.”

Hamdan pointed out that "Egypt is one of the most important Arab countries, and Egypt has no golden opportunity to regain its full weight and leadership except by achieving a historic victory once and for all by liberating all of Palestine, just as it did with the Crusaders and Mongols in the Middle Ages."

The sheiks of the Middle East, especially after the “Awakening,” are repeating the pipe dreams of the nationalists themselves. Indeed, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, forbade dealing with Israel outside the scope of politics and diplomacy, which means that he is also a politician who has the right to place the provisions of the political Camp David Accords within the scope of religious prohibition if he benefits. The ordinary citizen, whether commercially, at the level of personal relationships, or even tourism.

What unites Arab nationalists and sheiks is their distance from reality, their failure to recognize the changing balance of power in the world, and their belief in the unseen to solve their problem with the existence of the Hebrew state. Schizophrenia in thinking and belief in the unseen to solve the problems of the world are very clear in what the former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, said during his participation in the Arab Strategic Forum in Dubai, where he said: “May God have mercy on him, my brother Abdullah Al-Faisal, after the 1967 war, he was asked by some councils: When do you think... His Highness the Prince, will Jerusalem be liberated? Without hesitation, he turned to them and said, “When the Messiah will come, God willing.”

The separation from reality also appears in the belief of both groups that we live in an era of the power of Islamic conquests, when the two greatest empires at the time collapsed, due to their continuous wars against each other, in the face of hungry invaders coming from the desert, with the cooperation of the residents of the region with them to get rid of the Romans. Or in the era of Saladin, who liberated Jerusalem from the castles of European invaders, not settlers, and from there, Jamal Hamdan, in his daydream, asked Egypt to liberate all of Palestine, as it did with the Crusaders and Mongols in the Middle Ages. Just daydreams if we look at international changes, and the impossibility of erasing a state recognized by the United Nations, protected by the greatest military state today.

Rather, Hamdan ignored the efforts of the non-Egyptian liberators and those who fought with them. Saladin was a Kurd who fought with mercenaries from all sects and sects, and they rebelled against him when he did not pay them. Sultan Qutuz al-Khwarizmi fought with non-Egyptian Mamluks and forced the cowardly Egyptian sheiks of Al-Azhar to go out with his army to support him morally and religiously. Al-Zahir Baybars the Mamluk completed the march of Qutuz and eliminated the remaining Crusaders' fortresses.

Texts of the Qur’an

What is most important in the partnership between the two ideological groups is their complete disregard for what the Qur’an says about the Holy Land, the Children of Israel, and their rights therein, not to mention a major question because it does not mention the word Palestinians or Palestine, even though this name was known when it was revived by the Romans in the second century AD, that is, before The revelation came after the term “Syria-Palestine” was applied to the southern region of the Syrian governorate, which is currently Jordan and Israel.

The person who reads the following lines in the Qur’an directly, without interpretations, interpretations, or differences in interpretations, must review himself in what he hears, and ask: Are the Jews usurpers? Is Israel an alleged entity? Is the Qur’anic land of the Children of Israel an Islamic endowment, as Hamas says? He is astonished by the Muslims’ denial of the right of the Jews to live in the Holy Land and their rejection of the logic of history and its variables as the current (Jewish) rulers of it. The balance of power and the status quo have changed.

It is mentioned in the Qur’an: “Moses said to his people, “Seek help from God and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to God. He gives it as an inheritance to whomever He wishes of His servants, and the outcome is for the righteous.” Al-A'raf 128

"And We made an inheritance to the people who were oppressed, the easts and wests of the land which We had blessed. And the good word of your Lord was fulfilled upon the children of Israel because they were patient. And We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people were doing and what they were riding on." Surah Al-A'raf 137, “And We have written in the Psalms, after the Remembrance, that My righteous servants will inherit the earth.” Surat Al-Anbiya 105 “And when Moses said to his people, ‘O my people, remember the favor God has bestowed upon you when He placed prophets among you and made you kings and gave you what He has not given to any other of the worlds.’ O my people, enter. O the Holy Land which God has ordained for you, and do not turn away, lest you turn away as losers.” Table 20-21

“And if you do not believe in Me, then separate yourself. Then he called to his Lord, ‘These are a criminal people. So, take My servants by night. Indeed, you will be followed. And leave the sea at rest. They are a drowned host. How many gardens and springs they have left behind? And crops and a noble position. And a blessing in which they were fruitful. Likewise, we have bequeathed it to other people. So what? It fell upon them heaven and earth, but they could not be overlooked. And We delivered the Children of Israel from the humiliating torment of Pharaoh. Indeed, he was exalted among the transgressors. And he had chosen He bestowed upon them knowledge of the worlds. And We gave them signs in which there is a clear trial.” Surah Ad-Dukhan 20-32

“So, we brought them forth from gardens and springs, and treasures, and an honorable abode. Likewise, we made them an inheritance to the Children of Israel. So, they followed them, setting forth.” Surat Ash-Shu'ara 56-59

“We delivered him and Lot to the land which We had blessed for the worlds. And We gave him Isaac and Jacob as a voluntary blessing, and We made each of them righteous. And We made them Imams. They were guided by Our command, and We inspired them to do good deeds, establish prayer, and pay zakat, and they were worshipers of Us.” Surat Al-Anbiya 70-72

Interpretations of commentators

Even when we read the commentators’ interpretations, it appears that the context of the verses revolves around the Jews and their right to the Holy Land, which God punished them for being reluctant to go to, causing them to waste forty years in Sinai. The Holy Land is not called Palestine in the Qur’an, but rather the land of the Children of Israel, and there is no abrogation of these verses. The funny thing is that Al-Tabari mentioned that the Holy Land is from Al-Arish to the Euphrates, and thus he includes Egypt in his interpretation of the Land of Israel!

Texts and reality

The defeats of Arabic speakers since the second decade of the twentieth century are clear and repeated in front of the agenda of Hebrew speakers. The first group relied on the eloquence of clerics to mobilize souls and relied on texts and hadiths, starting from Amin al-Husseini to Ali Khamenei. As for the second group, it very cleverly implemented an operational plan and used the British mandate, its historical oppression, and its life in the diaspora to reach its goals, until it was able to defeat regular Arab armies with logistical resources. A few, and the greatest catastrophe occurred when the defeated refused, as usual, to the reality on the ground and the political and military changes, to accept the end of the mandate and the solution of the Palestinian and Jewish states, and to place Jerusalem and Bethlehem under international guardianship from the United Nations under Resolution No. 181.

Every war in which the Arabs lost part of the land, then demanded a return to what was before it, and they explained their defeat by distancing themselves from religion, not political randomness, and throwing ill-equipped and technologically backward armies against the enemy in a war with undefined goals, taking place under religious slogans.

Arab nationalists

The policy of Arab nationalists over a century has been to write in the margins of clerics or their texts to solve a political problem, deny reality and wish for a victory that did not happen, then promote a policy of enthusiastic noes with empty content, and betray each other after every military defeat. Finally, the policy of noes itself turned from burying heads. In the sand to bury heads in tunnels.

Thanks to the policy of the nationalist presidents, the Hebrew state reached its current size after the 1967 catastrophe, and because of the confusion of the policy of the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinians, the Israeli settlements began to expand and the lands of the State of Palestine eroded, to the point that the term “two-state solution” became realistically “the solution of a Hebrew state and a group of Palestinian population islands.”

Arab Zionists

The list of Arab Zionists, which some jihadists recently published on social media platforms, includes news sites and a group of writers, journalists, and analysts trying to correct the mistakes of Arab nationalists and presidents, either at the urging of their countries that have finally understood the solution, in accepting the Hebrew state in the region and cooperating with it, and the existence of a Palestinian state next to it, Or with complete independence, its owners see the peaceful solution and acceptance of the regional and international military and political reality as the final solution to the problem, far from the presence of Christ or the talk of the forerunners of the Resurrection that on the eve of its occurrence, the stone will say to the Muslim: There is a Jew behind me, kill him, or the imaginary nationalist enthusiasms that are displayed in political cafes and theorizing forums.

The owners of the list of “Arab Zionists” did not include Habib Bourguiba, who advised Abdel Nasser to place a thirteenth seat in the League of Arab States (when there were twelve countries). After Abdel Nasser asked him who this seat would be, Bourguiba answered for Israel, and when Abdel Nasser asked him about the percentage joking in what he says, Bourguiba replied: Zero.

If Abdel Nasser had listened calmly, rationally, and realistically to what Bourguiba was saying, Jerusalem would not have been completely lost because of his recklessness in entering a war with a weakened and defeated army in Yemen, nor would we have reached the current cumulative scene in its darkness and absurdity, the death of thousands and the waiting for Christ and the resurrection.

The second forgotten name that did not appear on the list is Anwar Sadat. The bravest Arabic-speaking visionary thought realistically about solving the problem and tried to give it a cultural and civilizational dimension instead of religiosity and militarization, but he was convicted of departing from the consensus of the nation, even though this nation has not agreed on anything to date except betrayal, conspiracy, backwardness, and failure, and instead of the Palestinians sitting next to him to solve their problem on their own. And negotiating on lands without settlements in 1978, Yasser Arafat preferred to betray Sadat and establish the Fakahani Republic in Lebanon, which led to the clinical death of Lebanon, and it became alive/dead politically and economically, as we see today.

The list of Arab Zionists, realistically, must be at the top of the delusional ones and the bidders, then everyone who contributed to obstructing the solution to the problem, exacerbating its tragedies, profiting from it, working as a mercenary for other countries, or informing Israel of the date of the October War, and not anyone who believed in Bourguiba’s rational idea, or regained his consciousness after a religious slumber devoid of content. Or he tried or contributed to solving it or he supported Sadat in his historical efforts, such as Boutros Ghali, Youssef Al-Sibai, Naguib Mahfouz, Ali Salem, and others.

Japan was struck by two atomic bombs, and the Japanese saw in the death of their emperor’s divinity and the political trimming of his nails the beginning of the solution, and then they dealt with the emerging reality internationally with awareness, understanding, and dynamism.


*Arab nationalists are an unrealistic term copied from a religious idea because it places all the nationalities of the Middle East under one nationality, which is Arab. Arabic is a language spoken by different nationalities after the Arab invaders prevented the inhabitants of their colonies from speaking anything other than Arabic, when things became stable for them after excessive oppression, as ancient history books say, and their settler colonialism, as modern terminology says.




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