Mikati Pushes for Agreement to End Presidential Void

12/19/2022 - 19:57 PM

Bob Lugari


Beirut - Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Thursday regretted the lingering presidential vacuum and the raging disagreements between political parties over the presidential election.

“Faced with this sad reality, the government finds itself constitutionally, nationally, and morally obligated to continue its work to manage state affairs and to address and resolve urgent files,” Mikati said during the launch of the "Lebanese National Framework for the General Pre-University Education Curriculum" at the Grand Serail. 

“We call on everyone to keep this issue away from political conflicts and sectarian considerations. Let's agree on what unites people and deal with the pressing issues in a spirit of responsibility, away from stubbornness, arrogance, and attempts to take the country hostage to political considerations,” he added. 

“No voice is louder than that of aching citizens,” the Prime Minister concluded. 





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