Demarcation with Syria has begun... the dispute is technical and Russia offers help

10/25/2022 - 19:15 PM





Beirut - A Source informed of the demarcation file confirmed that "the demarcation path with Syria has begun, as well as the preparation of papers and maps for coordinates from both sides."

The sources told the al-Akhbar newspaper that "the dispute is purely technical, not political, in conjunction with the preparations for launching the dialogue with Cyprus, which is also supposed to start immediately after the completion of the signing of letters between Lebanon and Israel through the United Nations and the United States next Thursday."

They added that in the event of a major dispute, "international arbitration can be resorted to," but diplomatic sources told al-Akhbar that "the representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Syrian file, Alexander Lavrantev, offered Russian assistance to resolve the technical dispute."





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