Wafaa Shaalan Mansour running for the Lebanese Parliament election, hoping to make a changes

02/03/2022 - 19:16 PM

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Press Release


 Seattle, Washington - I am a Lebanese American, live in Seattle, Washington. I have lived through the earlier days of war and poverty. I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to come to the land of opportunity and the all American dream. Recently, I visited Lebanon and spent three months there due to my ailing sister. I noticed nothing has really changed,  in fact things have deteriorated. From poverty to corruption and even counterfeit medication that was being sold in pharmacies. This had also contributed to my sister’s deteriorating health and of many others.

A cross from where I was staying, I saw a lot of families picking out food from what was left over before the dump trucks came by. So many hungry families living in below poverty levels with no social assistance. The government has done nothing to provide aid. I also was informed by a reliable source that some aids never made it to many of these families in need. Another thing is we are in the 21st century and there had been no progression towards women’s rights. A combination of corruption and a failing economy has broken my heart and led me to take some action. 

After consultant with my husband and my family and lots of Lebanese friends

I decide to make a change, take some action. Therefore, I decided to run for the Lebanese Parliament, hoping to make a change as a dual citizen. 

My purpose to help citizens who are living below poverty, such as women children’s and single mothers.  Everyone deserves their basic human rights and needs to be met.

On behalf of the Lebanese abroad, specially in North America, (USA & Canada). Please help me achieve my Nobel target by voting for me on upcoming election, so I can hopefully make a change and a difference in their lives. 




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