Syria Becomes Terrorist-Free

06/07/2021 - 18:36 PM

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By Adel Karim


A considerable number of Syrians left their homeland during the years of everlasting conflict. A repatriation of refugees became one of the most important tasks to the Syrian government after regaining control over the most part of the country. In that context, the government seeks to maintain security as a main condition to assure their return.

It is worth noting that the Syrian security services have put in a lot of effort of eliminating terrorists’ sleeper cells and suppression of their destructive actions. A large network of checkpoints was established in the government-held areas to carefully check both cars and drivers. They also interacted with the local residents to collect the information on individuals, who pose threat and have ties with armed groups. Indeed, all these measures had yielded desirable results and the situation in many regions of the country has become better. A number of the Syrian army’s checkpoints have been reduced to a minimum due to their uselessness.

However, the SAA-held territories still witness sporadic attacks on military, policemen and officials of the local municipalities, who had welcomed the Damascus-led national reconciliation process. There were many incidents wherein civilians were killed or wounded as a result of such assaults. Responsibility for them was usually imposed on local fighters belonging to the so-called "Popular resistance."

The fact that the staff of Syrian security service has been becoming a target to terrorist attacks complicates the repatriation of the Syrian refugees and the restoration of stability all over the country.

The situation in Syria still remains difficult due to well-known reasons that include subversive activities of the terrorists’ sleeper cells and aggressive actions of the foreign states involving in the Syrian conflict. Nevertheless, the fight against terrorist groups and criminal elements is one of the necessary conditions of the final settlement in the country. And a work of the Syrian security services is continued in this direction despite increased risks.


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